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Fish and chips

Sugar, palm oil, whey powder (from MILK),  WHEAT flour (with added calcium, iron, niacin, thiamine), emulsifier: SOYA lecithin; flavourings.

Dark chocolate Brazils


Sugar, Cocos Mass, BRAZIL NUTS, Cocoa Butter, Vegetable Fat (Palm), Whey (From MILK), Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin E322), Glazing Agents (Shellac E904, Gum Arabic). Cocoa Solids 35% Minimum. Contains Unhydrogenated Vegetable Fat in Addition to Cocoa Butter. Allergy Advice: Contains MILK and NUTS.

Mini eggs

Glucose syrup,sugar,gelatine, water, grape juice concentrate, acidity regulator, citric acid, humectant, sorbitol, glazing agent: canauba wax, vegetable oil, colours: E110, E104, E122, E129, E102, E104

Fruit salads 

Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Palm Oil, Citric Acid, Beef Gelatine, Flavourings, Natural Colours (Paprika Extract, Anthocyanins), Emulsifier (SOYA Lecithin).

Allergy Advice: Contains SOYA.

Black jacks

Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Palm Oil, Natural Colours (Vegetable Carbon, Paprika Extract, Anthocyanins), Acid (Citric Acid), Beef Gelatine, Aniseed Oil, Emulsifier (SOYA Lecithin), Flavourings.

Allergy Advice: Contains SOYA

Porky pigs

Sugar, palm oil, whey powder (from MILK), WHEAT flour (with added calcium, iron, niacin, thiamin), emulsifier: SOYA lecithin; flavourings, colour: carmine.

White stars

Sugar, palm oil, whey powder (from MILK), WHEAT flour (with added calcium. iron. niacin. thiamin), WHEAT starch, emulsifier: SOYA lecithin, glucose syrup, colours: carotenes. beetroot red. anthocyanins. chlorophyllin, glazing agent: beeswax, flavourings.

Fizzy Cherry cola bottles 

Sugar, glucose syrup, wheat, starch, modified maize starch, Acids (Mallic. Sodium malates. Lactic. Citric) Modified Potato Starch, Flavourings, Caramel syrup, Fruit and Vegetable Concentrates (Black carrot).


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